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Re: OMGWTF !! Remote Desktop in Fedora 8

> Kulbir Saini wrote:
>>   I am already using vncviewer this way. But this way, I don't get access to
>> my kopete message queue which is logged in on the original desktop and not
>> in the virtual desktop.
> Then login to your virtual desktop using vncviewer from the real desktop
> when you are using this machine locally.

  How impractical ? I mean its possible, but how would it feel to work on a
virtual desktop using vncviewer while you have the complete access to the

> You are off-topic.  This is a development discussion list.  You should
> have brought this to a user support forum like fedoraforum.org.  They
> would have told you exactly the same things.

  Well, I apologize if I am off-topic. But FYI, I am not seeking any support
on the issue. I know that currently there is not practical solution. All
solutions available are ad-hoc which can't be used in the long run. As its
the development list, I was trying to bring the issue to the developers of
vncviewer/vncserver for Fedora.

  My apologies if I was wrong in my assumptions.

  Peace !!!

> Warren Togami
> wtogami redhat com

Thank you,
Kulbir Saini,
Computer Science and Engineering,
International Institute of Information Technology,
Hyderbad, India - 500032.

My Home-Page: http://saini.co.in/
My Institute: http://www.iiit.ac.in/
My Linux-Blog: http://linux.saini.co.in/
My Web-Blog: http://life.saini.co.in/

IRC nick : generalBordeaux
Channels : #fedora, #fedora-devel on freenode

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