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Re: alpha/beta software in Fedora 8?

On Monday 10 December 2007 10:48:23 Rex Dieter wrote:
> > So, if you use Fedora's kmail, the upstream *developers* say it not
> > stable enough to use for production. By taking snaps on random days, we
> > are on our own. I rest my case....
> I think we can all agree that random snapshots are bad, and it's nice to be
> made aware of uptream's semi-official, internally tested, tarball
> snapshots.

I'd try to work out something with upstream that they maybe announce a new 
testing snapshot in that directory. Someone said other distros are using it, 
so you can't be alone in wanting some feedback on when you can test a 
new "release". Somehow I'd think we need to account for that location as the 
pickup point inside the specfile so others know where this came from.

> Would switching to their snapshots instead of our own random ones, satisfy
> most/all of your concerns?

That depends on if a new kdepim package suddenly quits working for me in 
F8.  :)


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