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Re: InstantMirror-0.2 Release

From: "Ed Swierk" <eswierk arastra com>

Actually InstantMirror should work just fine in a simple
non-VirtualHost configuration, so perhaps the default Apache
configuration file can leave out the VirtualHost directives and we can
bundle the fancier VirtualHost configuration as an example in the docs

I didn't think a non-VirtualHost config might be more popular, because it is not the way I do things ;)

From: Warren Togami <wtogami redhat com>

I personally dislike this idea.  It is already fully commented out in
the default InstantMirror.conf.  Why don't we:
1) Keep the contents as-is.
2) Add a note to other examples the doc directory.
3) Rename the file to zz-InstantMirror.conf so it never goes first.

From my experience and usage, I agree with this.
However, we are getting into a territory like ordering in /etc/init.d/

What I did to make the InstantMirror.conf work :


  NameVirtualHost *:80

in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Create a "Default.conf" in conf.d that contains

<VirtualHost *:80>
   ServerName your-hostname-here
   DocumentRoot /var/www/html

I named it with an upper case "D" so it loads first.
The name leaves something to be desired, but is indicative of containing the config for the default host.

Changes to the original InstantMirror.conf

#DocumentRoot /var/ftp/pub/linux/fedora
   DocumentRoot /var/ftp

So I didn't get additional directory levels.
I added logging

   ErrorLog logs/mirror-error_log
   CustomLog logs/mirror-access_log combined

If I could make one other suggestion about InstantMirror, it would be
to include a sample.repo file in /usr/share/doc/InstantMirror-x/ or
throw it into /etc/yum.repos.d/ with enabled=0.

Good idea.

I'm not sure about this. I might be okay with keeping a sample.repo in
docs, but not /etc/yum.respo.d/.

After I wrote the suggestion for a sample.repo in docs, I couldn't think of a reason not to put one in yum.repos.d.

Also /etc/yum.repos.d/ included in InstantMirror would mean that you
need to install InstantMirror on each of your clients as well. How much
sense does this make? =)

That is a good reason to only provide a sample.repo in docs.

Reportedly Debian has 3 implementations of a reverse proxy mirror, some even handle apt metadata in an intelligent way to expire the repository
contents.  Might be worth looking into to get ideas for future
improvement for InstantMirror.

Names to save Google time ?

Charles Dostale

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