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Zope/Plone F7+

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On Wed, 12 Dec 2007 14:42:14 -0500
"Thomas J. Baker" <tjb unh edu> wrote:

> Hello,
> What have you been doing for your sites with plone/zope since FC6 is
> now EOL'd?   
I have always had a hard time not pushing updates, I almost pushed
Plone 3.0.4 to FC6, but have decided to follow policy on this one.

> Do you have unofficial F8 packages anywhere that include a
> python-compat or something similar?  

Yes. I have the full stack needed to run Zope2/Plone for both F7 and
F8. I just have compat-python24-setuptools left, which will enable the
installation of most any python egg/module/etc (for those with needs
outside of the stack I'm willing to maintain.) I'll do this now, as it
has needed to be done for some time. The goal is to stick them in
RPMFusion. I suppose I should just stick them in Livna for now. They
have passed review, I just need to start building. I currently have
them in my personal repo, which has a poor upload and I prefer to not
host them from there.

> I've had my plone site on a Xen instance of FC6 but F8 Xen is not
> running that FC6 instance very well. I'm trying to figure out what to
> do next.   

As indicated below, you have a few options.

> Thanks,
> tjb  

Some options for Zope/Plone:

Run RHEL/Centos 5, EPEL will be updated promptly. I run this for my
production sites.
Run FC6, rebuilding your own updates from the srpms for EPEL5.
Run F7 with the compat stack.
Fun F8 with the compat stack, I do this currently.
Use the Plone unified installer which includes everything needed,
including it's own python.

- -- 
Jonathan Steffan
GPG Fingerprint: 93A2 3E2F DC26 5570 3472 5B16 AD12 6CE7 0D86 AF59
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