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Re: libflashsupport - Shouldn't this be libflashsupport-pulse or something like that?

Kelly Miller wrote:
It just seems to me that there is a good chance for conflict if there is another plugin for Flash sound ever added to the repository; technically, any sound extension is providing libflashsupport...

Wouldn't it be better to call the package libflashsupport-pulse and have it "Provides: libflashsupport" or something along those lines?

If you want to add other abilities to libflashsupport, implement it as patches for the libflashsupport package itself and we can issue Fedora updates. The only criteria is to NOT change the current default behavior. You would need to use /etc/sysconfig/libflashsupport or an environment variable or something to select alternative behaviors.

I suggested to Adobe to create a centralized upstream project around libflashsupport in order to prevent splintering of many forks in distributions, but they seem to have given up on the idea. (Last asked them 2-3 months ago, no response.)

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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