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Re: RFC for Smolt features

Callum Lerwick wrote:
On Wed, 2007-12-12 at 23:05 -0500, Yaakov Nemoy wrote:
After thinking it over, I've decided that having a Privacy Policy for
Smolt would be a great experiment as a community process.  The rules
are pretty simple.  Mike McGrath is a BDFL (That is not a Braised Duck
avec Foie gras sous Liqueur', as tasty as it might sound.)  Decisions
tend to get made by the people coding, but we are looking for input to
see what people want out of Smolt.  This way, we know what kind of
information gathering is desired, and which kinds are considered too

I was recently wishing Smolt collected more detailed CPU information.
This would basically consist of collecting the flags: line
in /proc/cpuinfo. Personally I'd like to know how many machines have
cmov, sse and sse2. This would mostly be unique to i386, x86_64 is
always going to have them, and PPC doesn't even have a flags: line...

Also, the ram/swap/cpu mhz graphs on the web site are IMHO too coarse to
be very useful.
+1 as this would help in bug reports. Due to the high marketing profile Smolt has had, people are already using their smolt UUID's to augment their bug reports so verbosity at the hardware level would be desirable. I'll leave it to the greater debate as to what should be left out (e.g. MAC address) for security/privacy concerns.

I would also love to see the removal of the nag window from Anaconda. I can't remember if this was still the case for F8 but at some point checking the 'Do Not Send Profile' button and attempting to continue would bring up an 'Are You Sure' dialog. Yes, I am sure and please don't nag me about it. The fewer clicks during install the better. Apologies if this is no longer the case however.

Other than that, awesome work!


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