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Re: Hal issue with kde4 ? [Fwd: Re: Shall I test KDE4 already ?]

Lex Hider wrote:
> With latest kde 4 compiled by hand, there is an issue with the
> filemanager dolphin, and mounting removable media.
> According to the kde guys, this is a fedora problem and not a kde problem.

I would think the best thing for you to do if you really want to test kde4 is to
go ahead and install whatever is necessary to get the rawhide kde4 build into
your f8 (going to take replacing alot), and if you're concerned about keeping
the machine somewhat usable after that just avoid installing any more of rawhide
than necessary. (or just go all out!)

I would not waste 10 minutes attempting to make a hand compiled kde4 work with
f8 when its being done officially for f9 and already 'usable'.

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