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OpenOffice.org linguistic bits

So the split out of OOo linguistic bits is complete, i.e. 
* dictionaries, i.e. all those hunspell-foo dictionaries
* thesauri, i.e. all those mythes-foo things and 
* hyphenation rules, i.e. all those hyphen-foo things.

I've only imported the ones that already existed inside the OOo 2.3.1
tarball and I'm personally not actively adding any other languages. But
if you're a native language speaker of a language e.g. Swedish and you
feel e.g. hyphenation sucks or that you want Ooo to find misspellings in
your language then http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Dictionaries
is a good first port of call to start tracking back to the canonical
source for a suitable hyphenation or spelling dictionary. Let me know if
such a new package is imported and I can set the matching OOo langpack
to depend on it.

Wrt. grammar, I had hoped that we might get some grammar checking for
F9, but the best option languagetool at http://www.languagetool.org/ is
a bit messed up for the moment, can't be really built cleanly from
source, doesn't really seem to work with gcj all that well, and not 100%
deployable as a OOo shared system-extension rather than a per-user one.
Though it does give relatively sane grammar suggestions for english at
least, e.g. detecting word doubling and some of the crackpot uses of


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