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Re: Wiki Migration

Mike McGrath wrote:
Ok, I'm just throwing this out there for discussion.

We would like to migrate from Moin to another wiki.

Why a new wiki, why not a CMS system like plone.
It is important to set up a feature list.
What do we want the new system to do.
* export to docbook
* page subscription
* integration with FAS(2)
* good search feature
* scalable (multi server setup, clustering)
* Security (many PHP based system is a security nightmare)
* Add you own
I also need to describe what content we want in the system and how we want to organize it.

We have yet to find any valid migration scripts that convert users, histories, etc.

What would YOU say if we made the current wiki read only, and made the teams and people migrate important relevant content over to a blank wiki by hand (copy and paste)?
If we cant find anything, we have to make the scripts. Manual copy & paste will just piss off a lot of people, so we end up with an outdated read only wiki and a new system with lacking content.
A good plan for reorganizing the content is needed.

I think this would also allow us to trim up the wiki a bit. So the question I'm asking is if we decided to go this route. How many of you would hate the Infrastructure group?


I there is to much work for the people and teams there could be used better in other places, then people will hate you :)).

This issue is just like changing the packaging SCM, what is the benefits and are they worth the effort.
We know the current system have some problems, but it gets the job done.

Just my 5 cents.


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