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Re: rawhide report: 20071215 changes

>>>>> "PR" == Peter Robinson  writes:

PR> Could someone poke these for a rebuild. It looks like a poke of
PR> half a dozen packages would rebuild the majority of this list
PR> against the newer openssl/openldap packages and get rid of most of
PR> the cruft.

If only it was that easy...  Most of the packages that were just a
matter of simple rebuild have already been done.  The package left are
those are failing to rebuild after the openssl/openssl soname version
bump for reasons other than the version bump (e.g. changed build
environment, stricter checking).  A few are waiting for responses from
unresponsive maintainers and/or have ACLs that prevent other
contributors (other than rel-eng) from fixing them.  Some haven't been
rebuilt since F-7 and thus have never been exposed to the new build
environment/dep chain that exists in rawhide (this is the sort of
thing that Matt Domsch's rebuild script can detect).


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