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Re: Wiki Migration

On 14/12/2007, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
> Ok, I'm just throwing this out there for discussion.
> We would like to migrate from Moin to another wiki.

Please dear god yes. Mediawiki would get my vote for scalability, one
less set of markup to remember and because newcomers may know it from

> We have yet to find any valid migration scripts that convert users,
> histories, etc.
> What would YOU say if we made the current wiki read only, and made the
> teams and people migrate important relevant content over to a blank wiki
> by hand (copy and paste)?

I'm happy to help copying the stuff over that I use.

> I think this would also allow us to trim up the wiki a bit.  So the
> question I'm asking is if we decided to go this route.  How many of you
> would hate the Infrastructure group?

Not me. Trimming the wiki would reduce replication, particularly in
areas such as packaging where the duplication and sparseness is pretty
horrific at times. This needs to be done and sooner rather than later
I feel. As the responsiveness improves so will the overall quality.


Christopher Brown


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