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Re: texlive + tex4ht

On 15/12/2007, Bryan O'Sullivan <bos serpentine com> wrote:
> Jindrich Novy wrote:
> > Yes, the rawhide TeXLive doesn't conflict with tex4ht (#411501) any
> > more (version 2007-2 and on).
> By the way, someone pointed out that we should be packaging the tex4ht
> that ships with texlive instead of using the old version.  As the old
> version of tex4ht seems to produce bad HTML files when used with the
> texlive packages, I think it's worth a try.

Well, to clarify, the options are:

1) remove the --without-tex4htk when building texlive so that the
tex4ht binaries get built


2) Continue to have an add-on package for tex4ht, which will require
updating this package.

This is a case where the Fedora "stick to upstream" doesn't resolve
the dilemna - on the one hand texlive is an upstream, on the other,
texlive4ht is an upstream. I do notice that upstream tex4ht has
updates beyond the version included in texlive. That's true of many
packages though, and it would be mad to start splitting everything

Jindrich's call I guess.


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