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Re: RFC for Smolt features

Yaakov Nemoy wrote:
Hey List,

After thinking it over, I've decided that having a Privacy Policy for
Smolt would be a great experiment as a community process.  The rules
are pretty simple.  Mike McGrath is a BDFL (That is not a Braised Duck
avec Foie gras sous Liqueur', as tasty as it might sound.)  Decisions
tend to get made by the people coding, but we are looking for input to
see what people want out of Smolt.  This way, we know what kind of
information gathering is desired, and which kinds are considered too

So I present two RFCs to you guys.

This RFE is already filed but I would like to see the ability to optionally report installed package lists to Smolt similar to what popcon does in Debian.

Smolt already collects the kernel version so this is just a extension of that. It has not been done before because Mugshot was doing something similar but I don't see Mugshot have a overlapping feature as a problem in this instance since better stats would allow us to integrate nice features into the package management system showing which packages are popular among other things.


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