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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

On Thu, 13 Dec 2007 15:01:08 -0500
Will Woods <wwoods redhat com> wrote:

> > I guess  in the xfce rpms should start up something like this in their 
> > init scripts (but don't).  
> Yeah - same for fluxbox and other such windowmanagers.

Sorry for hopping into the discussion this late but I still think that it is
NOT the duty of window managers to setup pulse correctly. Sound is something
inherent to the system and not a user session. Since prominent(tm) opinion
seems to diverge from this we should at least take care that these things are
handled by the system automatically. By adding support for this to all window
manager packages we will just work around the general problem but not solve it.

One good solution would be to make a general requirement for window managers in
fedora to execute some config setup script when they launch. This script then
takes all relevant items for the current config and starts them up. This way
future changes to pulse can be handled but also on a more global scope addition
of future magic can be handled gracefully via /etc/sysconfig where it belongs
and not by hoping that all package maintainers will correctly fix up their
packages in time.

This will however not solve the problem for CLI users but ok, that is a
different story...


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