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Re: RFC for Smolt features

On Dec 16, 2007 4:28 AM, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> This RFE is already filed but I would like to see the ability to
> optionally report installed package lists to Smolt similar to what
> popcon does in Debian.

It's been asked for before, and knocked down for a number of concerns.
 Some people just don't want it, although, personally I do like the
idea.  But so far we've tried to keep Smolt's scope limited to
hardware related details, or details about the overall machine.

> Smolt already collects the kernel version so this is just a extension of
> that. It has not been done before because Mugshot was doing something
> similar but I don't see Mugshot have a overlapping feature as a problem
> in this instance since better stats would allow us to integrate nice
> features into the package management system showing which packages are
> popular among other things.

The kernel version is related to driver information that is also
stored.  We want to know that if someone had a problem with their
foo-widget it's because they were using the older version of the
driver, and not the liberated one that Fedora has worked hard for.

Popcon is a great idea, but right now, I'm figuring there would be a
few problems if we went ahead with it.  Not to mention, there are only
so many dev hours in a day, and I have some other fun things for Smolt


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