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Opinions welcome: Restructuring the system menus


Just a note before I start, I'm talking mostly about Gnome but this may
apply to KDE or XFCE users.

I know alacarte is there for a reason, but I was wondering if others
agree the system menus could use some restructuring. The generic names
like 'Movie Player' are great because you can search for programs by
function but what when 2+ desktop environments are installed? Which
'File Brower' am I opening - XFCE, Gnome or KDE's?

It turns out that 'File Browser' opens up Nautilus, while 'File Brower -
Super User Mode' pulls up konqueror. In rawhide there are two identical
'System Monitor' entries if you have KDE and Gnome installed. The only
way you can tell them apart is that the entry which opens ksysgaurd
doesn't have a comment. Sorting menus alphabetically and by DE (Gnome
apps, ´╗┐divider, KDE apps, divider, XFCE apps) would solve this, or just
use the generic names along with the program name ("Nautilus File
Browser" or "Ksysguard System Monitor"). "KDE System Monitor" would work
too, but there's still room for ambiguity in there.

As well, I've got 29 applications listed under 'System Tools'. I
understand that not everyone does because it obviously depends on which
packages you have installed, but many entries do similar tasks
(Terminal, Konsole, Konsole Super User Mode). A lot of space could be
saved by putting them into a submenu.


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