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Re: Opinions welcome: Restructuring the system menus

Stewart Adam <s.adam <at> diffingo.com> writes:
> I know alacarte is there for a reason, but I was wondering if others
> agree the system menus could use some restructuring. The generic names
> like 'Movie Player' are great because you can search for programs by
> function but what when 2+ desktop environments are installed? Which
> 'File Brower' am I opening - XFCE, Gnome or KDE's?

That's indeed a problem, but submenus aren't the answer, inserting the real 
name of the application is. We KDE SIG folks have been fighting for that for a 
while, with moderate results.

> It turns out that 'File Browser' opens up Nautilus, while 'File Brower -
> Super User Mode' pulls up konqueror.

The entry for Konqueror is labeled "Konqueror (Systemverwaltungsmodus)" here 
(KDE 3.5.8, de_AT.UTF-8 locale). If there's such a vague name, that would be a 
bug, we normally don't use vague names in KDE .desktop files. We can patch 

> In rawhide there are two identical
> 'System Monitor' entries if you have KDE and Gnome installed. The only
> way you can tell them apart is that the entry which opens ksysgaurd
> doesn't have a comment.

That's bad too, we really have to add KSysGuard to the name there.

        Kevin Kofler

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