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Re: Opinions welcome: Restructuring the system menus

On 16/12/2007, Stewart Adam <s adam diffingo com> wrote:
> As well, I've got 29 applications listed under 'System Tools'. I
> understand that not everyone does because it obviously depends on which
> packages you have installed, but many entries do similar tasks
> (Terminal, Konsole, Konsole Super User Mode). A lot of space could be
> saved by putting them into a submenu.

Related to this is something that is currently driving me utterly
crazy with F-8 (not sure if this has changed in rawhide) - why do we

Application->System Tools and
System->Preferences->System and

Most users will not understand the distinction (if indeed there even
is one). This is in pretty bad need of being rationalised.

For example, one that always catches me out is the SElinux management
stuff - it used to be  under System->Administration, but is now under
Applications->System Tools.

There should be one and only one entry somewhere for System Admin
tools. To my mind, the first step is ridding ourselves of
Applications->System tools.

Where we go from that point is then a big discussion.

Personally, I think the only clear distinction is the following -
between all the system stuff which refers to the users desktop
environment and application configurations, and system wide
configuration. This distinction is more or less reflected in the split
between System->Preferences and System->Administration respectively.
They're not great names though.


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