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Re: Opinions welcome: Restructuring the system menus

Stewart Adam wrote:
> I'm just pitching the idea, but maybe it would be interesting to keep the
> applications listed under a single menu but sort by function as well.
> One problem I can see already though is there would be a lot piling up
> under the Misc. section.

Another issue with that is the overall size of the menus when you've got that
many separators; with the current menus, especially in gnome, the icon size
makes each entry much too tall to use the same size separators, so you'd need to
have very thin separators (maybe a much smaller font?).

I don't think its that bad to have each entry in one menu as long as they are
different, just adding the actual application name to the front or back of the
menu text would be fine:
Text Editor - GEdit
Text Editor - Mousepad

Mousepad - Text Editor
Gedit - Text Editor

We've already got that type of setup going on many menus, like gThumb Image
Viewer and Xpdf PDF Viewer, and both Firefox Web Browser and Epiphany Web Browser.

Either way works fine really and avoids submenus, I just agree with you Stewart
that the general naming is a bit out of hand when you end up with exact
duplicates and can't tell what is what until you try it.

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