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Re: Opinions welcome: Restructuring the system menus

Andrew Farris wrote:
For instance, have:
Games -> submenu 'KDE Games' -> listing of KDE games one per entry
      -> listing of Gnome games one per entry

This way access to KDE games is fast enough because the submenu is at the top of
the list, and gnome games are shown in the primary menu when you select Games,
just one listing lower (or two if you have something for XFCE as well).

Actually, in the case of games, the way too long menu when you install lots of games (and who doesn't) has long been fixed, a simple "yum install games-menus" will change your games applications menu (under all fdo menuspec compliant environments) to have categorized submenu's using the official fdo spec Game categories.

Unfortunately the gnome app menu grabs the keyboard so pressing printscreen to make a screenshot doesn't work, I know there are delayed screenshot tools, but I'm too lazy to go figure all that out, just do:
"yum install games-menus"

And check it out yourselves.

Similar packages could be make using the fdo menuspec's "Additional Categories" in .desktop files to create categorized submenu entries in other top level application menu's, this way people with lots of packages installed can install these submenu's please packages, and others can have the current simple layout.

Notice that the bulk of the work though, is not in creating the package which installs the desktop dir's as the menuspec calls them, but in patching all .desktop file to specify sane Additional Categories.

Maybe desktop-file-install should complain if not atleast one Additional Categories is present in a .desktop file?



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