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Re: Opinions welcome: Restructuring the system menus

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora <at> nicubunu.ro> writes:
There is one thing I personally would like to see about games and menu (and I expect it is not specs compliant): all unplayable the games because of no data available (needing the autodownloader to be run) in a separate menu, so I could ignore them easily in the Games Spin. Yeah, they cold move from that menu in the proper location once the data is available, but this is really a "pie in the sky" scenario.

IMHO the right solution for this problem would be to ban autodownloader and everything using it (or worse, requiring original proprietary and charged-for game CDs) from the distribution. I see that tool as both an ugly kludge and a way to circumvent Fedora's licensing requirements. It also sends the entirely wrong message to upstream projects: before, it was "If you want to have your game in Fedora, you have to fix your licensing.", now it's "We'll just hack around it with autodownloader and ignore our Fedora Objectives entirely.". :-( In addition, for data files where the license allows non-commercial redistribution, it would IMHO be more user-friendly to have a fully-playable package in rpmfusion non-free than an autodownloader hack in Fedora.

Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence, autodownloader is for the cases where upstream can not or will not change the license. For example when I started packaging bolzplatz2006 (fun game) I contacted upstream and the upstream project lead said they would fix the license of the datafiles, at the end however one of upstreams major contributers wouldn't play ball.

To be more precise, atleast the following list of packages in Fedora is in Fedora because I negotiated an acceptable license with upstream, or fixed license issues by replacing troublesome parts, and that is the list which I remember right now, the real list is (much) longer:


And that is not counting all the packages where I transcoded sound from troublesome formats to free formats and patched the code to be able to handle those free formats.

How many license changes have _you_ negotiated recently?



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