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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

On Mon, 17.12.07 13:21, Richi Plana (myfedora richip dhs org) wrote:

> > How does it work now?  Is it just a background daemon with a web
> > interface?
> > In that kind case, for something that's specialized for audio in that
> > way I'd say just have the app in control.  If they want pulse, they
> > should spawn it.  
> Actually, I understand if gdm needs to play sounds and is therefore just
> another PA sound client (with user gdm), but please don't make gdm the
> app that starts the sound server for user desktop sessions. The better
> place to make sound server startup an all-in-one solution is the sound
> server itself.

gdm would start a PA daemon of its own that runs as "gdm" user. Then
when the user logs in a second PA daemon is started from gnome-session
that runs as the actual user.

That's not implemented right now. But that's the idea we're heading to.


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