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libgpod update for F-7 and F-8 (attn: amarok, elisa, exaile, gpodder, kipi-plugins, quodlibet, and rhythmbox maintainers)

So, libgpod-0.6.0 has stewed in rawhide for several weeks without any
bug reports.  Either no one with a rawhide install has tested any apps
using it, or it's proved reasonably stable. :)  (I do have a report
that updates I'd made for F-7 were working for one user of a new iPod,

I'd like to push libgpod to updates-testing for F-7 and F-8 so that
all those folks picking up new iPods can be supported.  If there are
no objections, I'll prepare the update and rebuild deps as needed, say
on Wednesday.

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