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Re: Game content autodownloader

Callum Lerwick wrote:
I am one of the few and the proud who went out and bought the Linux
edition of Quake 3 when it came out. I rather like being able to play it
again. Good luck getting the original binaries to work on a modern

Quake 3 is an excellent example, one that I wanted to use myself but for a completely opposite conclusion: we have OpenArena in the distro. I am not a huge Quake player, but I enjoy a occasional deathmatch. From this position, I don't notice any advantage on playing with the Q3 demo datafiles (what's offered by the autodownloader) over OpenArena, so I see the use of autodownloader *for this particular case* as redundant and useless. Having the Q3 application to use with OpenArena and UrbanTerror is, of course, wonderful.

What are the licensing implications of this? Hell if I know. The game
engine is GPL. The game content I bought legitimately. Dare I draw the
parallel to web browsers, which are used to view all kinds of content
that *isn't* licensed properly? I suddenly feel a strong sense of deja

This is not the point: you surely are free to use your own datafiles in any way you want. It is about us pushing (with autodownloader and somehow circumventing our general policy) the proprietary bits in Q3 demo data files, when we have a good and free replacement.

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