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Re: Moonshine -> Werewolf -> <blank>? Werewolf is a <blank>, <NewName> is a <blank>

Josh Boyer wrote:
That's right... it's time to start naming the Fedora 9 release.  We're
starting early this release to give the Fedora Art team time to come up
with some great art for F9, and really because there is no reason to
wait so long anyway.

Fill in your suggestion for the blanks.  Remember the rules:

1) <NewName> must have some link to Werewolf

More specifically, the link should be
	Werewolf is a <blank> and
	<NewName> is a <blank>
Where <blank> is the same for both.

2) The link between <NewName> and Werewolf cannot be the same as between
Moonshine and Werewolf.

I will be collecting suggestions for 1 week so the cutoff for names is:

December 25, 2007

Suggestions will be run through the legal queue and an election will
happen for Fedora contributors to pick the next Fedora name.

Let the naming begin!


Homedog. Link = canine/human hybrid.

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