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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

On Tue, 18.12.07 19:57, Denis Leroy (denis poolshark org) wrote:

>>>>>> Is there something like a session pam module planned to start PA to
>>>>>> achieve independence from the the login entry point?
>>>>> I am not convinced that PAM is the right place to start any daemons.
>>>> But gdm is?
>>> why not start PA from an init script ?
>> Because it is a per-user/per-session daemon. Not a system daemon.
> but there's only one set of speakers per system, so I don't understand the 
> logic here. Multiple instances of PA can coexist ? Does PA handle user 
> switching correctly for example ? What if i want somebody to connect 
> through ssh on my system and run an mp3 for me, can i allow them to do so ?

I already explained that on this thread.

But here we go again: A single instance of the daemon may access
the audio hw at a time. Using HAL and CK we make sure the active
session gets access and all others don't.

You can always choose to disable authentication for your sound server,
or hand other people the auth cookie you're using (~/.pulse-cookie).


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