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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

Michael E Brown wrote:

Your use case is slightly outside of the "out-of-the-box" experience for
fedora... There aren't PVR apps or any of the other things you are
talking about in the box with fedora as it stands now. SOOOOO...

I'm bothered by that comment. Since when is Fedora a "box" ? i thought it was more of a platform to build on (ok, more like: a luxury house around which you can build yourself a nice garden :-) ).

Here's my use scenario. I have a Zonbu here at home that I use as a "courtesy" system in my living room. That is, when I have visiting friends or relatives, they can use the system to check their email and such. Because the zonbu is so low-power and quiet, it's almost always on and the user logged in. Gdm is configured to autologin a guest user here.

The zonbu is also connected to my stereo system, which i can hear from my office. So i will often ssh into the zonbu and play an mp3 from the wireless-mounted NFS directory. Now PA means i have to log in as the same guest user, which is not necessarily ideal because of the nfs mount permissions, but certainly workable. Now of course i can just disable PA in this case and be happy. But you were asking for a specific scenario.

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