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Re: KDE-SIG weekly report (48/2007)

>>>>> "SV" == Sebastian Vahl  writes:


SV> o kdemultimedia3 compat package?  - at least taxipilot is relying
SV> on aRts-related libraries provided by kdemultimedia 3 which has
SV> now broken dependencies - Also it's possible that some apps will
SV> fail at runtime due to trying to load some aRts modules which were
SV> in kdemultimedia3 and not finding them - If we create a
SV> kdemultimedia3 we should make sure phonon, arts and pulseaudio
SV> work together - taxipilot itself isn't ported to kde 4 yet - there
SV> was no consensus if we drop taxipilot because of it's unmaintained
SV> kde4 state, patch it to don't use arts or create a kdemultimedia3
SV> package - If we create a kdemultimedia3 package we have to get it
SV> reviewed because it's not existing in cvs

As another datapoint: tellico uses the CDDB support from
kdemultimedia3, although if it is not present, tellico simply doesn't
use it at compile-time.  We currently dropped the BuildRequires for
kdemultimedia for the tellico package in rawhide, which works, but
isn't ideal.


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