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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

On Tue, 18.12.07 19:23, Simo Sorce (ssorce redhat com) wrote:

> > However, multi-seat support is not really available in CK yet.
> > 
> > davidz and William Jon McCann can tell you more about this.
> Trying again, maybe you will answer my other question too.
> My normal use case is that I have rhythmbox running in my account which
> I tend to screenlock, when my wife wants to browse the web briefly she
> fast-switches to her account.
> What will PA do? Will it stop rhythmbox in the other session? If so why?
> What is the logic? I usually want to keep the music running.

It will pause playback. When you switch back it will resume. Much like
MacOS does it.

The idea is that speakers are IO devices much like the screen,
keyboard, and mice. I do believe that the normal case is that when you
switch sessions, you don't want to allow the inactive session to
record data from you microphone anymore or interfere with your audio
in otherwise.

I know that some people want to continue playback when they switch to
a different session. However, I do not believe that this should be the
default. Maybe we will add support for this in a later version
somehow, but I do believe the right approach is to make sure that
inactive sessions cannot spy on the user who's active on the seat.


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