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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

On Tue, 18.12.07 22:20, Nicolas Mailhot (nicolas mailhot laposte net) wrote:

> > > Then I guess any form of time shifting and delayed audio/video recording
> > > is out? Have we progressed so much recording anything including audio
> > > now involves post-its forbidding anyone from logging at the wrong hour
> > > to avoid stealing audio from recording apps?
> > 
> > I really don't see what "time shifting" has to do with PA?
> You have background processes eating analog audio and video and
> producing recordings for some users. While another one may be logged in
> GNOME or KDE doing something else.
> In the bright new world you described as soon as the human logs in
> device access is stolen from everything/one else. Of course I may have
> misunderstood the explanation but it seemed to be there is one exclusive
> user of audio devices at any time, the active desktop session (whatever
> that is going to be, since people are working to make multi-head X a
> reality)

Multi-head X *is* a reality.

Yes, in the current version of the CK the default behaviour is to
disallow access to the IO devices like sound cards for all but the
current active session.

But you are always welcome to change the configuration or maybe
manually add an ACL entry to the device node fo your user.


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