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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

On Tue, 18.12.07 16:41, Simo Sorce (ssorce redhat com) wrote:

> > > > How is it supposed to be handled in a non PA world?
> > > 
> > > You assign specific alsa devices to specific apps
> > 
> > You're welcome to do that even if login sessions use PA. PA releases
> > the audio devices when idle. And thus your kind of setup works as good
> > or as bad as it did before. Just use "front:0" or "front:1" as ALSA
> > audio device, instead of "default" or "pulse".
> > 
> > Oh, and since you seem to hate PA really that much: just disable it!
> > Just remove alsa-plugins-pulseaudio and you have it back, your naked
> > ALSA.
> Lennart,
> just one question, can I tell PA which device to use if I have more than
> one?

Yes, of course. Right now, support for multiple audio devices is one
of the hottest features of PA. You might want to have a look on the
screencast linked in this blog story of mine:


> Let's say I have regular boxes and an USB audio device (headset), will
> PA grab them both? Just one, switch automatically from one to the other
> when I plug in the headset ? None of the above?

As mentioned a million times already, PA hooks into HAL to be notified
about USB hotplugs. I does so to make use of the devices as soon as
they become available.

You really should have a look on the screencast linked above.


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