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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

On Wed, 19.12.07 12:12, Neil Thompson (abraxis telkomsa net) wrote:

> > Also, I'd argue even if it worked before (which it didn't) the
> > behaviour exposed by PA+CK is the more correct one, from a security
> > perspective. And hence speaking of a "regression" in this area is very
> > adventurous.
> > 
> Something that used to work without issues, doesn't any more...looks like
> a duck, walks like a duck...

Sorry, but it *didn't* work before. 

By default the access mode of the dmix SHM is 0600. i.e. only a single
user ID may access the sound card at a time.

If you want to open up dmix to multiple users at the same time you
need to change it to 0666 or so, which is a security hole and needs
some non-trivial reconfiguration.

The reconfiguration necessary to open up PA to other users is a lot
simpler to do. Just copy a cookie file around.

> And then the use case just gets dismissed.  Paraphrasing..."the clueless newbie
> who doesn't really use her machine will be OK, and the other folks will just have
> to change the way they work".

I didn't dismiss your use case at all. All I told you is that the kind
of setup you envision required non-trivial reconfiguration before, and
it requires reconfiguration now. So, calling this is a regression is


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