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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

On Wed, 19.12.07 09:18, Simo Sorce (ssorce redhat com) wrote:

> > If you want to open up dmix to multiple users at the same time you
> > need to change it to 0666 or so, which is a security hole and needs
> > some non-trivial reconfiguration.
> Only if you have a mic, common on laptops, uncommon on desktops (just my
> 2c)

Hmm? What does dmix have to do with microphones?

> > The reconfiguration necessary to open up PA to other users is a lot
> > simpler to do. Just copy a cookie file around.
> This require knowledge that is beyond normal users, if this is something
> users are expected to do, then a simple configuration dialog should be
> provided.

Hmm? reconfiguring alsa is a big step more difficult than
reconfiguring PA. 

> And yet it would be nice to make it possible to have the 2 major use
> cases working easily:
> A) Only the active session have access to sound
> B) Everybody have access to sound
> A big switch in the sound configuration window is all is needed
> (including scary warnings about the insecurity of option B).

As mentioned before, adding this has been requested before and has
been on my TODO list for while. However it is not a top priority for
me. Why? Because with a little bit of manual configuration you can do
this already. And the major work that is necessary to make this more
streamlined isn't really justified by what little we gain by this in
the short term.


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