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Re: Moonshine -> Werewolf -> <blank>? Werewolf is a <blank>, <NewName> is a <blank>

pingou wrote:
Christopher Brown wrote:
Alan Cox wrote:
On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 08:50:46AM -0600, Jima wrote:
into obeying them.  We can now do the same with Linux users, with the
Fedora Project's latest release by the same name..."

Some more suggestions


(like werewolves they react badly with silver)

Didn't the Lone Ranger use silver bullets? His horse was called Silver.
Nice Rawhide connection there...

Fedora 9 "The Lone Ranger" - leading the fight for freedom etc. etc.

It actually make me think about that comic strip

It'd just never get past legal. Although the original stuff is over 50 years old.... who owns the copyright on it I wonder. Anyone?

Anyway, I prefer Lutefisk! Apparently:


Olsen Fish Company has positioned itself as the world’s largest Lutefisk producer using only genuine Norwegian stockfish. With many years of experience producing Lutefisk, it is obvious why more customers prefer Olsen’s Flakee White Lutefisk.

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