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Mock: loss of login shell

This was covered briefly in a couple of emails on this list a couple of
weeks ago but I see this as a bug, further discussion please . . .

Mock no longer uses a login shell for builds.

The way I discovered this is that the ipsec-tools package stopped
building. The reason is that it has a BuildRequires for the krb5-devel
package, from which it uses krb5-config.

krb5-config is installed in /usr/kerberos/bin/, and the user's path is
provided by /etc/profile.d/krb5-devel.sh

No user shell, therefore no path, and configure fails to find krb5-config.

The simple solution for this is to add the following to the %build
section of the spec file for ipsec-tools:

source /etc/profile.d/krb5-devel.sh

Having put that into the spec file, there's potential for what would
otherwise be a perfectly acceptable change to the krb5 package to break
builds of other packages that have a BuildRequire for it.

I'm afraid that this might lead to a proliferation of small changes to
spec files that create unneeded dependencies.

I'm interested in what other people think about this.


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