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Re: Firefox 3 Beta 2 in Rawhide

On 12/20/2007 09:41 AM, Martin Sourada wrote:
That's good news! Just some little questions. Has epiphany been ported
on xulrunner or do I need to wait just a little more to upgrade firefox?

Christian Persch has a private branch that he's been working on that he hasn't released yet, to get it to more or less work. He said he wants to clean up the code for it, but it depends on when he feels like releasing it. I'm not sure when that will be, but hopefully soon. :-)

Are you interested also in gtk rendering issues?

Getting linux type issues sorted is one of the reasons we're shipping FF3 in rawhide now. Before it becomes final and "too late" to fix any non-security/stability type things.

Please report bugs upstream since we're taking it pretty much as-is. Additionally, please check any bugs you may have filed in RH bugzilla about firefox 2, to see if they still exist in FF3.

I noticed so far (using
mozilla's nightly builds of FF3) that the close buttons on tabs aren't
highlighted on mouseover action and checkboxes and radiobuttons seems to
have slightly wrong positioning when displayed on web pages.

Please report it upstream, if you haven't! Nobody can fix it without knowing about it. This is the reason it's a beta still.

widget's backgrounds seem to be derived from window's background, but
IMHO it should be derived from page element background it is on (but
this is really just a small issue).

More upstream, please :-)

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