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Re: PackageACLOpening and NewMaintainerContainment Re: Plan for tomorrows (20071220) FESCO meeting

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On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 09:09:03 -0500, you wrote:

>Please don't think that new maintainer containment is a set in stone
>proposal.  In fact, one of the open questions is who gets added to the
>set of folks who gain wide access.  I want that group to be as big as
>possible, just not inclusive of new packagers.

On the propasal you can read something about a karma system to
evaluate the new mainteiner from the new maintainers group into
the whole access group.

Because that means some effort of changes on the FAS to implement
this idea, I will suggest a time expiration idea. The new
maintainer will added into the new maintainers group after he was
approved from his sponsor. After a time periode for example two
months a group add request to the whole access group will be
generated automaticly on the FAS. Now the sponsor have to approve
this new group request for the new maintainer, so he can get into
the regular whol access group.

On a second step we may implement the discussed karma system. But
I see the need for a guildlines about how a newbie can earn the
karma he needs to rise into the whole access group.

For the groupname I will suggest:

cvsnew		Group for the new maintainers

cvsextras	General group for the packagers

A second topic should be finding a new name for the cvsextras
group, because the name of this group is related on the obsolete
Fedora Extras project. My suggust may be cvspckg which stands for
Cvs PaCKeGers.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt

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