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Merge reviews targeted for F9

FESCo has identified a base set of merge which we'd like to see
completed by F9 release.  We've generated the list by asking pungi to
gather a minimal set of packages consisting of the mandatory members
of group @base plus their dependencies and the kernel.  This may not
constitute a bootable system but it's at least a start.

Of the initial set, 63 reviews had not yet been completed.  As I type
this, a couple of additional have been closed, leaving 61, some of
which are currently assigned.  The current status and full list are
available by viewing the F9MergeReviewTarget tracker bug:

Note that doing merge reviews is not much different than doing regular
reviews; the main difference is that the packages are already in the
distro and can be checked out of CVS.  This makes it easy to see the
built packages and also to tweak the specfiles and generate patches.
Reviewers are encouraged to attach patches to the review tickets to
speed up the process; in some cases, the maintainer may ask you simply
to commit agreed-upon fixes.

So, 61 reviews to go.  I'm going to try to do ten by FUDCon; we'll see
how far I can get.  Anyone care to match me?  And who is brave enough
to review glibc, gcc or the kernel?

 - J<

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