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Re: Wiki Migration

2007/12/15, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com>:
> Ok, I'm just throwing this out there for discussion.
> We would like to migrate from Moin to another wiki.
> We have yet to find any valid migration scripts that convert users,
> histories, etc.
> What would YOU say if we made the current wiki read only, and made the
> teams and people migrate important relevant content over to a blank wiki
> by hand (copy and paste)?
> I think this would also allow us to trim up the wiki a bit.  So the
> question I'm asking is if we decided to go this route.  How many of you
> would hate the Infrastructure group?


Tell us the decision of Infrastructure team (the choice that you are
going to convert to). As a wiki editor I don't expect a easy move but
I must understand how that will affect our working flow first.
Personally I like moinmoin because its setup is rather easy, and I
have become familar with include-style page organization.

I want a piece of moinmoin wiki theme that is used on fp.o, where to get that?


bbbush ^_^

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