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Hardware or software problem with touchpad?

For the last week or so my mouse pointer has behaved like crazy. This is on a standard Compal "noname" laptop with a touchpad. On my desktop (dell something) with an USB-mouse everyting works fine.
Both are running rawhide, updated yesterday.

The touchpad works fine for 10-20 seconds, before the cursor starts moving randomly up/down/left/right, clicking everything on its way. It only happens when I actually use the touchpad. So I can use tha laptop with no problem as long as I dont need the mouse. The issue is present with both gpm (console) and X (tested with GNOME and KDE).

Before I post a bug (I searched bugzilla, but could not find anything that looked familiar) I thought i'd just check if this is something others might have experienced, or else it might really be a hardware-problem.


Ola (T)

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