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Re: Wiki Migration

> >>     
> >
> > As discussed on IRC my vote is anything that has a CMS built into it. 
> >
> > I personally feel a lot of things are done behind closed doors and
> > really feeding the hungry public with information of whats coming up and
> > things that have occurred is nothing but a bonus.
> >   
> This is completely false.  On the websites (content) side:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/ShowUs There's also the websites 
> list, the docs list, #fedora-websites and #fedora-docs.
> If you're interested in the hosting side of things you'll want to talk 
> to the Infrastructure team.  We have weekly meetings, there's the 
> #fedora-admin channel and the fedora-infrastructure-list.  If you think 
> we should replace the wiki with the CMS feel free to state your case on 
> that list and we'll discuss but I think you'll find that for most 
> content that would require a CMS the docs team handles that (and they're 
> currently moving towards a CMS).  If you think you can organize the wiki 
> with a CMS and that its the best way to go, lets see the proposal.
> > I've been advised that plone does this as do other CMS/Wiki's out there.
> > There are Java based one's out there already I'm not to sure how they
> > fit into the scheme of things but information to help the marketing,
> > ambassadors and other contributors to Fedora would be helpful.
> We've been trying to get plone up and running for not 1, not 2 but going 
> on 3 years now when February hits.  We even have a big Plone advocate 
> working on it with the docs team and yet its still not here.  I'm not 
> saying anything bad about the technology but I'm a pretty results 
> oriented guy and the proof is in the pudding.  Plone is a resource / 
> attention needy application.  I hope the docs guys get a good product 
> out of it but in general I'd like to see Fedora's commitment to Plone 
> stop there until such a time comes that it can play well with the 
> language it was written in (just my 2 cents).
>     -Mike

While I understand that it isn't just one website I would like to think
that there is sufficient technology around that an integrated wiki/cms
type solution is out there for the sake of ease.

While my suggestion of Plone is based on the small amount of information
I have. I personally have not used it so my information is based on
other people's opinions.

My opinion is based on http://www.gentoo.org/ where they have links to
associated sections. News is on the front page mainly the Newsletter but
at least its a form of letting people know what is going on.

I'm just hoping that there is a streamlined method out there.  Developer
puts a feature page in the wiki it gets approved it gets shifted to a
news item that says we are trying to get x thing implemented by Fedora

In my opinion it builds people's views of what to hope to expect. It's
also an acknowledgment of work done behind the scenes when news is
reported.  A new yum version that is linked to feature x.



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