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Re: Fedora 8 review

On Dec 21, 2007 11:32 AM, Casey Dahlin <cjdahlin ncsu edu> wrote:
> Does this all mean we aren't going to attempt to find and fix these
> problems?

Hardware issues are HARD, primarily because we have to look closely
for reproducibly situations. I used the live cd on at least 3
different hardware configurations, two desktops and a laptop...
workedforme. My effort to 'find' a livecd install problem failed to
produce a problem.
should I now right a review and say that based on my experience the
livecd installer process is bulletproof? I mean I'm pretty much just
as justified to do that. But it would be just as misleading.  Hardware
bugs are HARD and we need people reporting reproducible hardware
failures so the right developers who do not have access to that
hardware can start a dialog with the people who do.  it doesn't get
better people just stand on their soapbox and beat their chests in
their little corner of the internet.  The bug trackers are were dialog
happens.  The reviewers as a breed know this, and they avoid doing it

if a reviewer isn't at a minimum references an bug ticker for each
crasher or hardware problem they have expressed, they simply do not
care about open development.  If I thought a boycott against such
reviewers would actually be effective id call for one. But the reality
is, their target readership are the people who do not actually
understand what open development is actual about. So a boycott of the
open-savvy readership won't do anything.  What we can do however is
start filling up all the talkbacks and comments sections we can
find..demanding they start referencing bug ticket numbers for ALL
openly developed software which they review. This isn't a Fedora
specific thing. This is an open development thing. Everytime a
reviewer fails to reference a bug ticket for a critical problem, we've
miss an opportunity to show a user that open source development is
responsive in a way that closed development can never be.


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