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Re: Fedora 8 review

Am Fr 21.Dezember 2007 schrieb Jeff Spaleta:
> hardware
> bugs are HARD and we need people reporting reproducible hardware
> failures so the right developers who do not have access to that
> hardware can start a dialog with the people who do.  it doesn't get
> better people just stand on their soapbox and beat their chests in
> their little corner of the internet.  The bug trackers are were dialog
> happens.

So what about releasing a top10 or top5 list of those bugs to 
fedora-test-list? Bugs, that are hard to track or repoduce. There maybe more 
people out there who could reproduce those bugs but haven't encountered them 
yet. ATM those bugs are limited to the people who are aware of them (mostly 
reporters and of course the assignees).


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