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Re: Fedora 8 review

On Dec 21, 2007 2:31 PM, Sebastian Vahl <ml deadbabylon de> wrote:
> So what about releasing a top10 or top5 list of those bugs to
> fedora-test-list? Bugs, that are hard to track or repoduce. There maybe more
> people out there who could reproduce those bugs but haven't encountered them
> yet. ATM those bugs are limited to the people who are aware of them (mostly
> reporters and of course the assignees).

We have a CommonProblems page right now
is that what you are looking for?

But if we had reviewers doing their part and referencing bug
tickets..it'd be pretty easy to compile an even better version of this
page, just by reading reviews and seeing what reviewers ran into... if
they actually cross-referenced tickets.  But unless they are
cross-referencing tickets they aren't generating this sort of
community value in their editorial comments.  I don't mind them point
out the flaws that made it past testing, but they need to help us
close the loop so we can get affected users the fixes and workarounds
for those issues.  I'd love to give reviewers credit for finding
install problems and helping point people to resources to
fix/workaround the issue, but right now its just not something they
generally care about. Reviewers generally do not care about helping
the open development process for any open project.


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