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Re: Fedora 8 review

> I totally agree with them regarding Fedora 8 graphics look, and the
> wallpaper. No matter what you say but users judge desktops on how they
> look. You could argue with Fedora 7 looks vs Fedora Core 6 looks if
> you like one more that the other regarding your personal taste, but
> Fedora 8 wallpaper and complete look it really beneath the previously
> high quality standards brought by FC6 and F7.
> When I first saw F8 infnity theme on some wiki or a blog I looked at
> it and thought to myself "Not bad first attempt" because it looked
> only as someones first attempt which was obvious that wouldn't pass
> quality check... But I was suprise when I booted F8 for the first time
> and saw the same wallpaper, I was really shocked...
> Valent.

By the same token a lot of people really like it as well.  One of the
things I have noticed is that with themes is that everyone has a
different taste. 

Personally I loved the DNA theme and disliked the baloons, the latest
theme to me is brilliant.



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