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Re: Fedora 8 review

> I totally agree with them regarding Fedora 8 graphics look, and the
> wallpaper. No matter what you say but users judge desktops on how they
> look. You could argue with Fedora 7 looks vs Fedora Core 6 looks if
> you like one more that the other regarding your personal taste, but
> Fedora 8 wallpaper and complete look it really beneath the previously
> high quality standards brought by FC6 and F7.

Heh I hate to tell you but all art is subjective, and so Fedora 8's
wallpaper and complete look are both subjective as well :p

Take for example:

Distrowatch on Fedora:

"Its new artwork team in particular deserves high marks for its work..."

and a few comments from the digg story about Fedora 8's artwork:

"This **** is great! I want Fedora!"

"this is much better than the current hot air balloons, thanks!"

I'm sure there are just as many negative opinions out there - but it is

The same goes for the rest of this review: for every thing they
commented on as being negative and not working, another review has
commented on as being positive and working brilliantly! Of course, I
agree with everything Jef said, if they want to point out something
that's not working, by all means do it, but do it in a way that helps it
get fixed!! Otherwise, why bother working in a field where openness and
collaboration are the central points?!

Jef, I think we should try and get your e-mail somewhere where reviewers
are actually going to see it...



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