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Re: Fedora 8 review

On 12/22/07, Jonathan Roberts <jonathan roberts uk googlemail com> wrote:
> > I totally agree with them regarding Fedora 8 graphics look, and the
> > wallpaper. No matter what you say but users judge desktops on how they
> > look. You could argue with Fedora 7 looks vs Fedora Core 6 looks if
> > you like one more that the other regarding your personal taste, but
> > Fedora 8 wallpaper and complete look it really beneath the previously
> > high quality standards brought by FC6 and F7.
> Heh I hate to tell you but all art is subjective, and so Fedora 8's
> wallpaper and complete look are both subjective as well :p
> Take for example:
> Distrowatch on Fedora:
> "Its new artwork team in particular deserves high marks for its work..."
> and a few comments from the digg story about Fedora 8's artwork:
> "This **** is great! I want Fedora!"
> "this is much better than the current hot air balloons, thanks!"
> I'm sure there are just as many negative opinions out there - but it is
> subjective!!

I know that is it subjective, but still FC6 had the best theme still,
and it was downhill from there... F7 was OK, but F8 is just too
simple. I believe that is can idea could be much more rafined... I'm
not a designer myself but I worked for more than 10 years as design
critic for bunch of designers and they usually respect my comments
becuase I like to be objective and honest.

The honest thing to say for F8 theme that it looks unfinished, that
the design team didn't have time to finish it or if they intended to
look as it looks now then they should rafinded it more...

> The same goes for the rest of this review: for every thing they
> commented on as being negative and not working, another review has
> commented on as being positive and working brilliantly! Of course, I
> agree with everything Jef said, if they want to point out something
> that's not working, by all means do it, but do it in a way that helps it
> get fixed!! Otherwise, why bother working in a field where openness and
> collaboration are the central points?!
> Jef, I think we should try and get your e-mail somewhere where reviewers
> are actually going to see it...

I thought of it lastnight and did it already :)

> Best,
> Jon


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