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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

Robin Norwood wrote:

I know that some people want to continue playback when they switch to
a different session. However, I do not believe that this should be the
default. Maybe we will add support for this in a later version
somehow, but I do believe the right approach is to make sure that
inactive sessions cannot spy on the user who's active on the seat.

Especially since the controls for the music playback are in the other
session.  The use case that I run into with F7 is:

o Offspring #1 starts Battle For Wesnoth as his user.
o Offspring #2 takes over the computer, switches to his own user, and
  wants to play some other game.

For F7, the Wesnothy music keeps playing, and, to turn it off, the
computer needs to switch back to Offspring #1's account, log in, and
close his game.  Then Offspring #2 can have sound.

This sucks.  I haven't installed F8 on The Offsprings computer yet, (I
know, I know), but from what I understand, Pulseaudio should fix this
very nicely.

And now for the opposite point of point of view... I find it very disturbing that if I have itunes on a mac playing a playlist with the output going to a receiver/speakers for the room, it is rudely interrupted if my wife wants to check her email.

It would be just as bad if I were playing music.  If a song I really
hate comes up, and I don't have Offspring #1's password, there's no way
to skip it.

Errr, if you don't like a song, don't schedule it to be played.

Terrible.  I really can't understand how anyone would want
the default behavior to be different.

When some users might want audio from one user to keep playing as logged
into another user, it sounds like they have to do some manual tweaks.
No big deal.

I can understand a system that has barely outgrown single-user concepts or something designed as a toy for kids that don't know enough to clean up after themselves making abrupt decisions based on guesswork about what you might sometimes want. I don't understand it as default behavior for a system that is otherwise elegant in multi-user, multi-tasking operation and doing what you tell it to do. If I want it to to stop playing music that I've started, I'll tell it to, thank you.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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