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Fedora and lack of audio communication with the community

first excuse me if this is the wrong mailing list. If there is
fedora-marketing or some similar :) mailing list please point me in
the right direction.

Fedora has a really strong emphasize on communication and openness,
and that is true in most part from the open communication on mailing
lists and irc channels.

AFAIK there is no fedora podcast, there was one unofficial but it died
and it produced only a few (great) shows.

I also rarely see and fedora exposure in other podcasts; there are
fedora reviews and usually podcast hosts do a interview with Max
Spevack once or twice a year and that is it.


There are lots of great fedora community members, fedora devels and
redhat people that would make great guests on lots of podcasts... I
believe they should approach podcast hosts with some interesting
Fedora related project, new feature or any other interesting topic and
go from there...

It would be even better if Fedora had an official podcast, or even
better a few official and few unofficial :)

I listen to few of the most interesting linux podcasts and one think
that made me write this post was the Fedora 8 review and KDE4 review
by Chris and Bryan form Linux Action Show podcast.

They made a great show and reviewed Fedora 8 and gave their comments
what they see as bad and good in Fedora 8 (LAS episode 67). They also
said that KDE4 RC1 basically sucks or it should be still called beta
not RC1.

In the latest episode 68 Aaron Seigo from the KDE project got on as s
guest to explain what is going on with the KDE 4.0 and that was a
really revealing episode and really informative on multiple levels.
This could be their best show to date.

It would be great if somebody from Fedora agreed to do an interview
for Linux Action Show regarding issues they have with Fedora 8. That
would be a GREAT thing for us users and fans of Fedora...

Thank you,
Valent from Croatia.

linux, blog, anime, spirituality, windsurf, wireless
registered as user #367004 with the Linux Counter, http://counter.li.org.
ICQ: 2125241, Skype: valent.turkovic

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