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Re: Firefox 3 Beta 2 in Rawhide

>>>>> "NB" == Neal Becker  writes:

NB> Miro needs updating, I think.  (This is on f8)
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
NB> Error: Missing Dependency: gecko-libs = is needed by
NB> package Miro

Unfortunately this isn't as simple as a rebuild, this requires
upstream changes to enable Miro to compile against xulrunner:


There's a minimal patch on that bug, but it's incomplete and will need
further work upstream to get it work properly (according to Martin
Stransky, xulrunner maintainer).  I've filed this bug upstream:


but have had no response yet.  (I'll try to bug the Miro maintainers
on IRC).

Many packages don't current compile out of the box against xulrunner
unfortunately and require patches and/or adding support from-scratch
in upstream, see the full list here:


This will take a *lot* of work from various packagers to make sure
that F-9 works out of the box.  With all the packages that used to
build against firefox and we should probably bug all those package
maintainers to test the various packages and/or report things against
upstream to give them time to fix them so these packages work
properly.  Otherwise, I fear, Release Engineering will be forced drop
them from the next release (at least from the the final package list).


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